Become a WMMAF Member

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WMMAF Members:

All sports institutions can simply and easily be Member (associations, federations, foundations, companies, individuals, etc.). All members must carry the wording WMMAF and use the official logo, and distribute passports, certificates, etc.

Membership and there policies in WMMAF:

All institutes (Clubs, Associations, Federations, Foundations, Juristic Persons, Companies, Persons and others) can fill out the membership application, which is free on the Homepage of WMMAF, and send it to us.

Our Secretary General will check the application and send out the answer of WMMAF. 

The Membership entitled to participate in all Events which are organised or sanctioned from WMMAF. (World Games, Seminars, World Championships and tournaments from sanctioned Martial Art Bodies a.o) The Membership of WMMAF bellows to the sporty exercise and the interests of the disciplines in Martial Arts which are accredited of WMMAF.

Admission Criteria for Membership:

  1. The community of Sport activity is the highest targets of the member
  2. The Documents are sented out (Statutes,Business Guidelines)
  3. The Applicant are real Martial Arts Organisation/Persons
  4. They must support the goals of WMMAF and represent at there Events
  5. The new Member do not cause irritation Sports Political demarcations
  6. The Applicant must have no criminal convictions or action before

Election process / voting right:

The WMMAF is a Federation & an Organization which is leaded by democratic principle and structure. All elections need a simple decisive majority. All Members of the Board have ONE voice (except Rules committee, Representatives) here can only the chairmen’s used one voice. The voting works with show of hands, open for all, or secret – with ballot paper. The chairmen in this WMMAF – voting’s are the President, in his absence the Secretary General and after the Vice-president.

WMMAF commissions:

Each recorded sport areas, has a specialist organization in the commission of or who are responsible for their areas and carry them out for the benefit of members/athletes.

The commissions are autonomous and are only subordinate to the Board of WMMAF – except IRC (International Rules Committee – Referees). Members are elected or co-opted by the Board by a simple majority.

Application to be a WMMAF Member:

WMMAFC New Membership Application Form (World Office)

WMMAFC New Membership Application Form (PDF)

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