Cutman Course – Level B

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The WMMAF International Cutman Certification Course Grade B

This one day Grade B level WMMAF Cutman Certification Course includes both theoretical and practical teaching and assessments.

Please contact your national federation or us  for information about upcoming dates and to apply.

Entry Requirements:

The Grade B level WMMAF Cutman Certification Course is aimed solely at those who have successfully completed the Grade C level c

ourse and must be supported by a Grade C level WMMAF Cutman Certificate. It is also a requirement for all participants to have a first

aid qualification to include AED* (where this does not conflict with European laws ),CPR** and wound care with a recognized o

rganization(s) as approved by WMMAF or one that is recommended on the course syllabus e.g. Red Cross.

If a participant does not produce a certificate to include ***AED & CPR training from a reputable organization which is WMMAF approved,

the Grade B level license will be withheld until evidence of certification has been provided.

* AED – automated external defibrillator
** CPR – cardiopulmonary resuscitation
***exceptions are made for participants those countries in which it is not legally provided for on a first aid course syllabuses
Common Core Values & Code of Conduct

Grade B level cutmen must understand the basic ethical & moral responsibilities required to tend corners and demonstrate a code of

conduct befitting ofthat role including adhering to appropriate dress code e.g. plain black polo, or t-shirt, no baseball caps, profanity or

advertisements on clothing, modesty advised.


Practical Examination:

Grade B level Cutmen must

– demonstrate the ability to work within the rules and regulations of MMA or Kickboxing.
– demonstrate comfortable, safe and effective hand wrapping skills, including hand wrapping for injuries within the rules and regulations

of MMA or Kickboxing . There will be a total time of 20 minutes given to each candidate to prepare, apply and finish a hand wrap which

will carry a total weight of 20%.

– demonstrate correct body position and handling skills in the administration of minor treatments specifically for epistaxis e.g.

anterior nose bleeds,

lacerations and hematomas within a 45 seconds timeframe

The treatments component will carry a total weight of 30%.

Written Examination:

There will be a total of 18 multiple choice question over 8 modules. There will be 3-4 options to choose from in answer to each question.

The written examination will carry a marking weight of 50%.

The collective pass mark across the 3 exams (e.g. written, practical hand wrapping and treatments) is 60%.

For those with literacy issues an oral examination may be arranged on request.

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